FOLLOW: Everyone's Invited

"Follow Me."
With two little words, Jesus invites us to join Him on His mission. The beauty of Jesus' call is that Everyone's Invited—no one is excluded! As we follow Jesus at WLC, we hear Him calling us to be a church that is:

  • Growing in our Discipleship Impact by connecting more people to Jesus.
  • Expanding our Missional Reach through local and global efforts.
  • Ready to add another physical campus as He leads.
  • Completely free from debt.

As we live out our vision to Multiply Disciples and Transform Lives in 2022 and 2023, we believe the ministry Jesus is calling us to will require $9 million in giving. We say it all the time, “Life is better together.” Just imagine what God will accomplish through us as we all work, sacrifice, and Follow...together!

In John 10:27 Jesus says that He knows His sheep and they listen to His voice and Follow Him. We are asking you to pray the prayer below, to listen, and to Follow where Jesus is calling you. Our hope is that 100% of us will take a step in our financial generosity to make everything that Jesus is calling us to a reality!

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Follow is a two-year journey.
We believe God has placed $9 million worth of ministry opportunities in our path for 2022-2023.


Increased Discipleship Impact
$7 Million
We will Follow Jesus by investing in the ongoing ministries of WLC and preparing for future ministry to continue Multiplying Disciples and Transforming Lives help engage people to become more like Jesus by walking the Discipleship Path. 

  • Paying off our debt – in full!
  • Refreshing, improving, and maintaining spaces on each of our campuses.
  • Technology improvements that allow us to better connect the Gospel to people within WLC and outside our walls.
  • Continuing the current ministries and staffing at WLC.
  • Investing in a refreshed discipleship process designed to help us all follow Jesus more deeply.

Expanded Missional Reach
$1 Million
We will Follow Jesus locally and globally partnering with developing communities, feeding the hungry, and focusing on those who have yet to hear Jesus’ invitation to Follow. Funds will be used for:

  • Supporting our 10 current missionary families.
  • Short-term mission experiences.
  • Providing meals for at-risk children throughout the world (Feed My Starving Children) and in our community. (Every Meal, formerly Sheridan Story)
  • Helping the vulnerable and exploited find God’s mercy and restoration. (End Slavery Ministries Ecuador)
  • Ministering to the chronically homeless in the Twin Cities area and providing shelter, while meeting relational and social needs. (Settled)
  • Welcoming and loving refugees and immigrants practically, socially, and spiritually. (Arrive Ministries)
  • Providing Christian video resources to unreached people in Asia, translated into their languages. (Project Video)

Courageous Multisite
$1 Million
We will Follow Jesus by preparing to add new physical campuses as He leads, for His glory. As we pray, listen and follow where Jesus leads, we will be ready to take the next step in multisite ministry. Funds will be used for:

  • The ongoing ministry costs of our newest campus, Wakota Ridge, in South St. Paul.
  • Development of a Leadership Pipeline to raise up Lay Leaders, Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Ministry Leads to be ready when God leads us to the next multisite location.
  • Building a financial reserve so we are prepared to launch new physical campuses in the future.

Giving Chart 

At WLC, we believe that when it comes to being generous with our finances, God does not want something from us, He wants something for us. We serve a generous God who gave us everything in His Son Jesus.  Jesus himself made money, particularly our desire for it and our use of it, a major piece of our following Him as His disciples. Follow is about each of us growing as disciples of Jesus in all areas of our lives, including our financial giving.  Follow is about all of us coming together, giving generously, and trusting God to do the rest.

Whether you've attended WLC for years or are brand-new, Follow is an opportunity for you to be part of what God is doing here over the next two years! Everyone in the church is invited to take a step on the Generosity Journey — this initiative is for all of us!

We invite you to pray the prayer below, to listen, and to Follow where Jesus is calling you:

"Jesus, lead me to listen to Your voice and Follow You. Amen." 

View a giving chart with a breakdown of sample gifts to consider in your Generosity Journey.