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Grow in your faith with friends, neighbors, or your small group. Our Scripture Card Guide gives step-by-step instructions to guide vibrant discussion and allow you to grow closer to God and to others. Check out this week's guide and grab a friend to discuss and grow!

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Writing from prison, Paul gives us incredible insight into the power of joy that is rooted in a life of following Jesus. Sixteen times in four short chapters he uses the word joy giving us a deeper understanding of where real joy comes from and warning us about the internal and external threats that will seek to steal our joy. At a time where the joy quotient is low for so many people Paul shows us a better way.

11.27.22 - Lasting Joy
11.20.22 - Confident Joy

11.13.22 - Living Joy

11.06.22 - Real Joy

What does it mean to be
Called? When Jesus calls us to Follow He is inviting us to discover our identity in Him, to become more like Him and to invite others to do the same. The beautiful thing is that both in our church family and in our individual lives we are Called to a life of mission and purpose. The call comes to life when together as the church we live out our Vision to Multiply Disciples and Transform Lives. The call also comes to life in each of our lives personally as Jesus calls us to Follow Him in our everyday lives.

10.30.22 - Called to Purpose
10.23.22 - Called to Purpose

10.16.22 - Called to Community

10.09.22 - Called to Community

10.02.25 - Called to Kingdom Values
09.25.22 - Called to Mission
09.18.22 - Called to Follow
09.11.22 - Called to Celebrate

Too often we view the Laws or Commandments of God as if God is angry with us, pointing His finger at us and saying, “You better behave or I’m gonna getcha!”  But is this the tone of the Commandments? What are God's heart intentions in giving us the Commandments?  We believe God has given us His Commandments so that the life we live would be filled with joy, full, and satisfying, as we bring Him honor and care for His creation. How do we do this? Easy, just Love God and Love people. Maybe not so easy.

09.04.22 - Covet Contentment
08.28.22 - Speak Up

08.21.22 - Where is Your Heart

08.14.22 - If you didn't know, Now you know
08.07.22 - Go and Do the Same

07.31.22 - What IS a full Life?
07.24.22 - Get Some Rest
07.17.22 - Who is your God?
07.10.22 - Love God and Do What You Want