The [Disciple] LIFE

If you've ever wondered what life God is calling you to –
or how to walk as a Disciple of Jesus – you're not alone! 

We know God is calling each of us into a life on Mission with Jesus, a life of following Him and learning to listen and obey. But how do we apply this and walk as a disciple of Jesus in our everyday lives? At WLC we believe the Marks of a Disciple are:

Discovering My Identity in Jesus — Becoming Like Him — Helping Others do the Same

We call this The [Disciple] LIFE.

These Marks of a Disciple are not static, but are moving and growing because we are life-long apprentices of Jesus. In the world today, so many things are competing for our attention. The [Disciple] LIFE allows us to focus our attention, helps equip us for the LIFE God is calling us to, and to help others live this LIFE that Jesus promised in John 10:10...a life that is rich, full, and abundant!

Everyone's invited to step into this LIFE, whether this is all new to you or you've been living the LIFE for years! Together, we will walk out WLC's vision of Multiplying Disciples & Transforming Lives!